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The Value of Water Campaign
January 2019: This report summarizes the progress made by the Value of Water campaign through 2018.
Share this resource to demonstrate broad bipartisan support for investing in water infrastructure.
New poll shows Americans support investing in water infrastructure, and they want a proactive program of reinvestment rather than waiting for these critical systems to fail.
May 2017: Value of Water Campaign poll finds broad support among Americans for increased investment in water infrastructure.
March 2017: Report on the economic benefits of investing in water infrastructure finds that if we close the investment gap for water infrastructure, there is a ripple effect of sustained job creation, GDP growth, and more.
March 2017: One-page fact sheet highlights the key findings from the Value of Water Campaign's report, "The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure"
March 2017: Technical Appendix for the Value of Water Campaign's report, "The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure"
The Value of Water Campaign
What do Americans think about the state of water in the US? New national poll released by the Value of Water Campaign surveys public attitudes about water and the need to invest in water infrastructure.
The Value of Water Campaign
This briefing paper, issued by the Value of Water Campaign, spotlights innovative solutions to the nation's growing water challenges.
Water Research Foundation and Water Environment Research Foundation
Investment in water infrastructure will benefit the greater economy in countless ways. More jobs and a cleaner country? Water can do that.
US Environmental Protection Agency
Just how much does the US economy rely on water? Nearly as much as we humans do.
Our water infrastructure is in dire need of improvements. This assessment lets us know just how bad it is.
Water Environment Federation
Everyone has a role to play in protecting the world’s water resources. Here you can learn more with resources including a series of fact sheets on common water quality topics and a glossary of water terms.
American Water
Just how valuable is water? Look here for simple, yet surprising, facts.
Nearly all of our water infrastructure if buried under ground, making it easy to forget about. It’s time we turn our eyes to what’s underneath us.
National Association of Water Companies
See what water infrastructure investment in your state will do to benefit jobs. Hint: it’s all good.
American Water Works Association
What do we learn when we ask those on the job how things are going in the water industry?
American Water Works Association
What are the top challenges facing the water industry? The State of Water Industry might surprise you.
Climate change will drastically alter the water cycle, affecting where, when, and how much water is available. Read more on the impacts that climate change will have on our most precious resource.
National Resources Defense Council
Climate change will affect all corners of our nation and globe- in some places there may occur a deluge of unprecedented water, in others there will be drought. Is your city ready?
First-of-its-kind study underscores that rapidly deteriorating water quality - not just water quantity - is escalating a global water crisis.